Elsewhere by Sarah Tierney

A psychologically gripping novel of estranged sisters, deep secrets, and tense twists from “an elegant and thrilling new voice” (Emma Jane Unsworth, author of Animals).

At the height of summer, two sisters reunite at a remote cottage. They’ve long been distant from each other, literally as well as emotionally: Anna is a free-spirited wanderer and Catherine is career-focused and settled in one place. So, some tension is not surprising, but it rapidly escalates when odd things start happening during the all-night twilight on the wild peninsula.

Who’s the watchful girl with a baby and what does she want from the sisters? Who bangs on their windows in the early hours then disappears into the woods? What does the sad-eyed Scottish man Anna is falling for know about it all? And how does it link back to an event twenty years ago that the sisters never talk about—the incident that created all this confusion, dislocation, and longing in the first place?

This suspenseful, knowing novel explores how psychosis creeps in on the back of isolation and suspicion; the shadow that motherhood casts over women’s lives, even when there is no child; and how buried trauma always winds its way up to the surface—sometimes in the strangest and most frightening ways.

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Cover of Making Space by Sarah Tierney published by Bloodhound Books, January 2024.

Making Space by Sarah Tierney

Why do we hold on to things we don’t need? “A beautifully assured debut that is part love story, part psychological slow-burner” (Emma Jane Unsworth, international bestselling author of Animals).

Miriam is twenty-nine; temping, living with a flatmate who is no longer a friend, and still trying to find her place in life. To move forward, she decides to dispose of the many possessions that anchor her in the past.

When Erik, an artist and photographer in his mid-forties, hires Miriam to help clear out his book-filled, paper-packed home, she begins to feel drawn to him, despite his obsessive hoarding and the fact that he’s still haunted by his previous marriage. But can there be a happy ending for the troubled pair?

This powerful, moving novel explores the unlikely relationship between two very different people—and explores deep questions about fear, freedom, and attachment.

“Weaves its way through the cracks of our everyday perceptions to skilfully explore complex issues around illness, grief and longing. . . . Combining exquisite descriptions with scalpel-sharp human insights, this is a book to languish in, and emerge from deeply moved. It marks the arrival of an elegant and thrilling new voice in literary fiction.” —Emma Jane Unsworth

“A simply riveting and unfailingly entertaining read.” —Midwest Book Review

“A strong debut novel.” —The Manchester Review

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